Sarah Fernquest — UX Designer based in Seattle, WA

Within Reach

Non-Profit Website Redesign

WA State non-profit Within Reach engaged Substantial to update one of its web offerings, a site called Resource Finder that helps connect low-income families with health, food, and education resources in their neighborhoods.

ForSubstantial DateSeptember 2015
RoleUX Design, Visual & UI Design, HTML/CSS

Project Context

Substantial was hired to modernize the site aesthetic, add keyword search functionality, and make the site more usable for a low-literacy demographic. The client had already performed user testing before coming to us, so we had some data with which to guide our decisions.

Main search page prior to design update. Crowded content makes the page overwhelming and hard to navigate, especially for its low-iteracy demographic.

My Role

As a design intern, I collaborated with the project lead to improve the user flow and make resources more findable on these key pages. After exploring several design iterations, I simplified the structure of the homepage by removing the redundant “Quicklinks” section and moving the resource sections into a single larger column for increased readability.

Proposed main search page with recommendations called out for client review.

I think the user prompt you describe as well as location sniff is right on…Thanks so much for your well thought out page design.

- Cheri, Client Stakeholder

I also consolidated information on the resource listing page to make the most critical data more prominent. The addition of an “Add to List” button on every resource entry allows users to flag resources of interest more efficiently, directly from the main list view rather than via the resource detail view. A user can then view a persistent preview of his or her customized “My Resources” list in the sidebar at right.

With the design finalized, I implemented the approved changes in HTML and CSS.

Resource listing page, before (left) and after (right). More white space increases readability.

Due to limited client budget, our partnership was a short one, and not all the changes I proposed were able to be implemented. We provided the client with a list of suggestions for future improvement and hoped to be able to continue work on the site at a future date.