Sarah Fernquest — UX Designer based in Seattle, WA

Novartis Ecosystem

Corporate Platform Redesign

A global pharmaceutical company hired Substantial, in conjunction with bay area based IDEO, to launch a brand-wide redesign across its vast ecosystem of sites.

ForSubstantial DateJune – August 2015
RoleVisual Design, Content Layout and Editing, Asset Production

Project Context

With more than 200 sites spanning different departments and continents, Novartis came to Substantial with the goal of simplifying and standardizing its digital presence.

My team conducted a site audit and proposed a responsive redesign aimed at increasing usability and accessibility, simplifying navigational structure, and engaging more users through social media and storytelling content.

My Role

As a design intern, my contributions to this project were mostly behind the scenes, exploring and iterating on designs for the following areas:

•   Homepage carousel and sub-hero navigation

•   Accordions and other UI elements for data-heavy pages

•   Content library

I was responsible for auditing Novartis' network of sites to determine which would be compatible with the updated style guidelines and which would require further customized design work.

I also performed usability audits across all devices, cataloguing design inconsistencies and development bugs and making usability recommendations based on design heuristics.

Iterations of homepage carousel.

Iterations of simplified accordion structure.

Design exploration for the “stories” content hub. The goal for the post-MVP release was to separate content pieces into more distinct thematic categories.

After the MPV launched, we provided the client with a style and CMS guide so that Novartis teams distributed across departments and countries would be able to update their own content on an ongoing basis, while staying consistent with platform-wide design and content patterns. I made significant contributions to this deliverable, documenting the intricacies of adding and editing various types of content using the customized Drupal-based CMS.

I also honed my Photoshop skills producing assets for Substantial website’s case study. The example below, from the Substantial corporate site, shows a newly responsive Novartis story page in situ on a tablet device.